Global Equipment provides professional on-site service for all makes and models of commercial food, beverage & refrigeration equipment, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. We know the Foodservice Industry never closes, and Global is always here for you!

Standard Labor Rate Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm $76.00
Standard Travel Rate Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm $76.00
Extended Labor Rate Monday through Friday 5pm to 8am weekends & holidays $114.00
Extended Travel Rate Monday through Friday 5pm to 8am weekends & holidays $114.00

Minimum 1 hour travel & 1 hour labor. Extended hours billed round trip.

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Properly maintained equipment has a far longer lifespan and significantly decreased downtime. Scheduled maintenance results in increased profits and maximum efficiency.

Global partners with each of their customers to identify opportunities to reduce repair expense in their organization. Global maintains a historical database of the work performed in each of your locations. From this we are able to see trends in spending and develop site specific service, tried-and-tested cleaning solutions and maintenance programs to eliminate waste. By proactively addressing our customers’ needs, Global Equipment can help you eliminate unnecessary expense and costly downtime. Proactive equipment maintenance does not increase your costs, it reduces them.

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Training and Employee Development

In a recent study we found that 17% of service calls performed on fryers were directly attributed to the incorrect assembly and/or use of the oil filtering system. These calls would have been avoided if the unit had been properly checked prior to calling a service company.

Below is a itemized checklists Global has developed for our customers to follow before they place a service call:

Fryer Check List

Fryer is unresponsive Is the unit plugged in?
Has the breaker been tripped?
Fryer won’t heat Is the drain valve closed?
Turn off for 5 seconds then back on.
Is the oil up to fill line?
Fryer smoking Has the oil been filtered recently?
Is the fryer cleaned properly?
Oil won’t pump Is the switch in Filter/Pump position?
Are all hoses connected?
Is the diverter valve in correct position?
Is the filter pan assembled correctly?
Is the filter pan free of excessive debris?

Let us develop a similar program for your organization.

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Site Surveys

An initial Site Survey allows us to inspect and inventory all equipment at your location. This proactive approach gives us time to ensure that our technicians have service manuals and critical parts needed to get your equipment up and running before you need us. This reduces downtime and allows Global to provide the quickest response to your equipment repair needs.

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Energy Audits

Commercial food production establishments rank among the most energy-intensive commercial spaces in the country. As you know, all that energy use means there is a lot of room to start saving. Every dollar saved through energy efficiency is a dollar of profit. Global’s Energy Audits are performed to establish the most efficient procedures to reduce overall utility costs for your business and to ensure your location is not consuming energy needlessly, either through faulty equipment or employee procedures. In addition, Global’s Training Programs teach your associates how to conserve energy and reduce your organizations overall impact on the environment.

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