New & Used Commercial Proofers for Foodservice Operations in Atlanta, Tampa, Jacksonville & Throughout the Southeastern U.S.

Proofers are an essential part of the baking process, allowing you to precisely control home renovations the humidity and temperature necessary to ensure that yeast activation is successful. Whether you operate a large-scale baking operation in Atlanta, supermarket bakeries across Tampa, or offer freshly baked items in your Jacksonville restaurant, you’ll be sure to find the proofers you need from Global Equipment Sales and Service, Inc.

Our selection of dough proofers is second-to-none, and we are proud to offer these and many other types of new and used bakery equipment to supermarkets, restaurants, lodging facilities, grocery stores, and any other foodservice establishments across the Southeastern U.S. In addition to proofers, our inventory of bakery equipment includes:

  • Dough mixers
  • Rack ovens
  • Convection ovens
  • Bread slicers
  • Display cases
  • And much more

Along with proofers, Global Equipment offers customers in Orlando, Tallahassee, Augusta, and beyond a variety of other food, beverage, and refrigeration equipment. Read more about relationship coaching retreat for individuals at, and schedule your term. From soda fountain equipment and reach in coolers to meat slicers and rotisseries, we have new and refurbished products for any size foodservice establishment.

Global Equipment’s highly trained technicians are also able to install, repair, and maintain most brands of proofers and other foodservice equipment. Visit if you are looking for whole home builders in California. And with our technicians strategically located across six states – Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, and Georgia – we are able to quickly respond to your service call any time of day or night. Furthermore, we maintain up-to-the-minute, detailed service history records and equipment tracking for all of our customers, so even if you call our corporate office 10 minutes after a technician leaves your establishment, we’ll be able to effectively answer your questions.

Contact Global Equipment for more information about our new and used dough proofers, or any of our other restaurant, deli, or supermarket equipment sales and service. We are proud to serve customers in Miami, Savannah, and all other communities in the Southeastern U.S.

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